No Safety Net For The Gulf

Unemployment is high in America, much higher than the statistics show, and higher than is being reported, and the entire Gulf Region is facing economic collapse, and still it’s unpopular and unacceptable, even among “progressive” people, organizations, and websites, to call for a strong safety net ( such as NSN). Instead, “progressives” throughout this country are timid, or  lost in strategic considerations, and ignore the simple, obvious truth that no one in America needs to, or should, crash and burn in times of socio-economic crises. If people can’t find decent work, or if they are thrown onto hard times by dire circumstances, then of course society ( We The People) should support and assist them as long as necessary, as concretely defined by NSN,  and yet the fear of being labelled a socialist, and/or the compulsive force of a tyrannical American work-ethic,  mutes the voices of compassion and generosity. In its willingness to let tens of millions of fellow-citizens suffer and sink,  America shows itself to be a very sick society indeed. A healthy and good society would not hesitate to put a real safety net under all  its citizens because disaster can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. One can only wonder how many casualties it will take–50 million, 100 million, 200 million–before enough of us, including “progressives,”  realize that we need laws and institutions, beginning with the creation of a National Safety Net (NSN), that secure a decent and dignified life for everyone?


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