Beyond Democrats And Progressives

The same criticisms that Progressives are making against the Obama Administration and the rest of the Democratic Congress and Party could be and should be made against themselves: they lack Vision, or a comprehensive, long-range view of what they believe in, they don’t fight hard enough for what they believe in, and they are afraid of how the public will respond to the political call for big change.  In other words, Democrats and Progressives are weak about articulating and achieving an agenda that would greatly improve American lives. As evidence for this claim I present the following  facts: over the last year I submitted the National Safety Net (NSN) political proposal that federally mandates a guaranteed minimum quality lifestyle for every American–paid for by the filthy rich– to more than thirty of the top progressives websites and organizations across the country, and almost all of them  either did not respond, declined to publish/post, or refused to even LINK  on the grounds, mostly, that NSN is “unrealistic, unachievable in this political climate, too grandiose, premature…”  The fact that the best and brightest folks in America , many of whom regard themselves as Progressives, would find it utopian that the richest country in the world can and should provide a basic standard of living for everyone (in need) is strong testimony, I submit,  that the American intelligentsia is far behind the rest of the evolved world, and that those who now occupy positions of power and influence in this established “progressive” community are either unwilling or unable to lead us to a qualitatively better world NOW. What ‘s needed is a fresh, bold start outside the established Progressive Organizations, and NSN can play the  role of a new, visionary BEGINNING–assuming that there are  some American, anti-academic, anti-conservative process people, who want to get involved? If you’re willing to  raise your voice for the simple obvious truth that it’s obscene and morally unacceptable that some have so  much, while others don’t even have the basics–all ideological and strategic arguments for keeping quiet aside–then join the Big New Deal Of NSN Now .


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