Progressive Snails

The idea that basic needs for everyone can be satisfied through a competitive economy has not only been falsified (in practice) by history, but it is also impossible (in principle) because not everyone can be a “winner,” as anyone who has played the game of “Monopoly” knows. After Republicans succeeded in discrediting and disgracing the concept of a “Liberal,” more and more of the best and brightest political folks in America began to call themselves “Progressives,” continuing the political line that it is necessary and desirable to ameliorate the worst aspects of Capitalism, but these Progressives  have not defined and demanded a real safety net for the country. They are shaky and shady about what the satisfaction of basic needs means in a modern society. They don’t recognize that Universal Health Care, Free Higher Education, Living Wage, Peace,  Fair unemployment, Affordable Housing, and Ecological Integrity should not depend on the  success or failure of the marketplace, and that these social benefits belong to all citizens equally. It’s cowardly and hypocritical to want to take the rough edges off  Capitalism, as Progressives claim, without calling for (all  the essential elements of )  a strong safety net that ensures a decent and dignified lifestyle for everyone. Progressivism is morally and politically bankrupt because it doesn’t  take itself seriously enough to even advocate for the bare minimum of a safe and secure life for the American people. It’s not good politics for the 21st Century because it aims beneath what is  necessary, desirable, and possible in America. All explanations and excuses aside, Progressives are striving for so little, so slowly, that we need a new, bold, visionary political movement, and NSN is such a BEGINNING.


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