Final NSN Post

When I first conceived the National Safety Net (NSN) political proposal I never thought of it as the ANSWER or the SOLUTION to the tragedy of American life, but rather I thought of it as a stopgap measure, a first step, a beginning, to ameliorate the worse aspects of this society until “The People” evolve beyond Capitalism to a truly free and happy social existence. NSN appealed to an independent standard of fairness, justice, and compassion that I presumed still existed and functioned in the hearts and minds of many Americans, but I underestimated the degree to which the “conscience of the people” has been muted, twisted, and distorted by Capitalist ideology or propaganda. I now realize that “We The People”, even the best and brightest of us–Progressives–for example– are possessed by the Spirit of Capitalism to the degree that pretty much the entire country is either addicted to money-making, or unwilling (for fear of being labeled a “Socialist“) to confront and denounce the preposterous notion that we can have (for everyone) good healthcare, wages, education, environmental protection, housing, and foreign policy that are owned and operated for profit. I regretfully acknowledge that America is not ready for NSN, and although NSN is a modest—and far from radical or brilliant—modern political plan that significantly improves the quality of life for the vast majority of people, it is beyond the present VISION of “the people“, and it has been rejected or ignored by even the best and brightest Americans, so I’m shutting down the Campaign For A National Safety Net In America until more of us, including “Progressives,” understand and demand that “free enterprise” has no role to play in the satisfaction of vital needs for human beings.
The simple truth is that private enterprise should (at best) be banished to the margins of society, or confined to flee-markets, where people can compete and haggle, win or lose, if they so desire, about non-essential matters of life and death, but certainly not about the satisfaction of basic needs. Unfortunately, the American love affair with Capitalism still captivates “the people,” their Representatives, and the so-called Intelligentsia in this country (with too few exceptions to make a social difference at this historical time). It’s true that many, perhaps most, of the American people are on the right/correct side of many, perhaps most, of the important issues, but they are also overwhelmingly committed to the primacy of the private sector for achieving these social goals, so much so that when someone, such as myself, integrates these major social goods into the political call for a Federally mandated public program–The National Safely Net (NSN): 7 Point Agenda– then it starts to look too much like Socialism,” and it gets rejected or ignored, even by Progressives. The word “Socialism” is toxic in America, just like the “N” word that was used to viciously end all rational conversation and debate. The only way to take the hateful, emotional venom out of this term is not to run away from it, but to explain what it really is because the reality behind the word is something good and beautiful.



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